Freshly Sealed And Re-striped
Upgraded Car Park
Freshly sealed and re-striped
Fresh Paint And Flooring
Updated Seating
Executive Office Space
Freshly Sealed And Re-striped Fresh Paint And Flooring Updated Seating Executive Office Space

Road to Restoration..

In recent months, Orange Blossom Business Center has been diligently working to restore and upgrade the center. Following Hurricane Irma’s landfall, OBBC sustained significant damage. However devastating, this allowed OBBC the opportunity to renovate and strengthen the building. With our valued clientele as a priority, we were able to swiftly rebuild the occupied spaces to ensure minimal business interruption following the storm. Once occupied spaces were rebuilt, the next step in our efforts to rebuild was implementing a Mitigation Plan. This plan was implemented to aid in sealing the building, and protecting from any future impending storms. Starting with the exterior lying walls, an application of water resistant foam was applied to the perimeter of the building to provide a water tight seal throughout. Following such, additional measures were added by replacing all drywall with a water resistant gypsum board and water resistant base for double the protection. In additional to interior measures taken, OBBC also added sump pumps at each main entrance, following by flood protection gates for all exits. In all efforts to secure Orange Blossom Business Center, there were also many renovations and upgrades done to the surrounding parking grounds in efforts to further protect the building from any potential storm related damages. Orange Blossom has worked closely with a team of professionals to aid in further protecting the building and surrounding property to ensure business continuity for all of our valued tenants and clientele alike.

Following the major renovations and upgrades to the building structure, Orange Blossom has also made some cosmetic changes. All common areas of the building have been re painted, seating areas have been upgraded with new tables and chairs, as well as adding greenery throughout the center. Vacant units were also renovated with fresh coats of paint and updated flooring. The parking lot was recently resealed, and all striping repainted. Orange Blossom is striving to create a welcoming environment with modern affordable office space solutions for the village of professionals here in Fort Pierce. Come by and tour the new and improved Orange Blossom Business Center!